Solstice Eve


I love Solstice Eve in Summer.  I have slept out at Avebury Stone Circle, Weylands Smithy & Martin Down. I see the sun set & wait for the Sun to rise on the longest day.

For me it’s a time for friends to meet, listen to some music & eat & drink together in an old place. It’s a night to walk a ritual landscape to connect with paths that have been walked for a very long time.

Sun worship was practiced by our ancestors. It was a common belief that the Sun was drawn through the sky on a horse drawn chariot.


This Solstice Eve I can’t see my friends & go to a ritual site so I’m going to bring the ritual site home. You can join me if you like for a short ritual. I’ll talk about the traditions of midsummer & solstice, sing some songs about the Sun (which you can join in with if you like) & we will celebrate a lovely corner of our shared calendar.

It will be on Friday 19th June at 10-10.30pm on Zoom & Facebook Live & it’s free. Email me on if you want to come to the Zoom or go to my Cunning Folk page on Facebook & watch it from there.

I put out a ritual Solstice song on Spotify/Deezer etc. too! Here is the link



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