I’m Busy

It’s usually tidier

So this week I have been storytelling for schools, mixing cosmic dance music, preparing folklore talks & playing my guitar.

It’s true I do play a song just for you every Tuesday & Friday on FB & IG

For nearly a year now I have done a livestream of a song twice a week on my Facebook page & on my Instagram (george_hoyle.) It has become part of my artistic practice: I’ve learned lots of songs & arrangements which have built my skills & inspired my writing. Pop by if you like.

This is where the Russalka lives

I went on a walk by the Surrey Docks in Rotherhithe & there was a pool where an underpass had been. Perhaps a Russalka lives here.

I am giving a talk on the folklore of fruit next Thursday. If you like fruit & folklore then you are in luck. Here is the ticket link.

This is my other workspace

I spent time telling online folktales as part of National Storytelling Week this week. It was a blast. I do, however, look forward to seeing other humans soon.

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