A lot happening

Mixing with my new wooden laptop

It was a busy week of mixing songs for release, writing, learning & giving folklore talks. I do miss actually meeting humans though!

The heraldic crest of an unseen university

I have come up with the concept for the next Cunning Folk album. The record will be called SELFS & will be about the different myths we identify with. SELFS is the acronym for the South East London Folklore Society which I have been running for about 10 years now after taking it over from Scott Wood. I’m 3 songs is & it is magical. If you want to hear or buy my latest album click here.

Cunning Folk of the world unite!

Valentine’s is upon us. If you are interested in an online slideshow about love divination then look no further than below!

So every Tuesday & Friday I play a song just for you on Instagram (george_hoyle) & Facebook. If you like that sort of thing come on over! The times are on the picture above.

That’s enough for now. Cheers

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