The Continuing Adventures Of A Cunning Man in the 21st Century

Music, Magic & Folkore. That’s what I do. This week I gave a talk on Early-Modern Magic, got to grips with online streaming & released a cosmic dance track with my friend Roy.

Primal Window

Maurice & Charles are myself & Roy. Thus week he suggested we should call our act ‘Roy George’. I think that’s a pretty good idea. As you can hear we both love the music of the 1990s.

15 Seconds Then We Are In

This is what my livestream is like. Subscribe to my YouTube channel (Cunning Folk) & watch me at 7pm on Tuesday & Friday next week. It’s informal & nice.

That’s about it for my weekly blog. Go & have a look at my upcoming online events if you want to attend an online pagan ritual or an online reading group & lot’s of other good stuff.

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