Looking Forward to Lammas

Looking out from Badbury Rings

Lammas is the first harvest festival in the wheel of the year. It falls on the same day as Llugnasadh; August 1. I love celebrating the festivals on the wheel of the year, they connect me to histories we share & to the turning of the seasons.

Lammas & Lugnasadh are first fruit festivals, in older times they marked the end of the hungry gap. Lammas was the Saxon Loaf Mass & Llugnasadh was the the Celtic first fruit festival.

If you like you can join me for a free online celebration & ritual on Sunday August 1st at 7pm. It will last for about 20 minutes & I will tell you a little more about the story of the festival & we can sing and enjoy the moment together. Typically folk from all over the world join in these celebrations as Cunning Folk can be anyone from anywhere.

If you are interested in booking on to the Zoom celebration you can click here.

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