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So where was I? I spend so much of my life in an inner world of imagination, reading & creating, that I find it hard to maintain a dialogue with the outer world. The joy of reading Russian wonder tales in preparation for giving a talk on Baba Yaga next Thursday makes me forget I ought to be promoting it. The fascination brought about by rehearsing musical accompaniments to London Dreamtime’s masterful telling of one of the Russian wonder tales this Saturday distracts me from telling anyone about it. My immersion in the process of writing, recording & mixing monthly songs about folklore & magic often results in me not promoting myself. I think that maybe I’m shy. I’m in love with music folklore & magic & I have a great life with music, folklore & magic as constant companions, however I find it hard to communicate that. I’m unsure whether I mind or not. I think I have always been an outsider, able to get on but not able to fit in. After a while I got used to it & even learned to be comfortable being an unconventional soul in a conventional world. Do you know what? I feel better for sharing.

The monthly Cunning Folk podcast.

Speaking of sharing; here is my most recent podcast. It’s all about the history of the Tarot. I found it very interesting to research. So interesting that I am gearing up to research playing card cartomancy for a future podcast. In the meantime here is my new song about the Tarot.

My newest song.

I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon drinking copious amounts of tea while completing sundry tasks including; writing a song about a spirit fox, researching the ritual components existing as residues in Russian wonder tales & some ironing. I may boil a witch bottle at midnight as Cunning Murell was prone to do just to be safe.

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