Continuing Adventures In Music, Magic And Folklore

This is an enchanted place

Enchantment is where you find it. It can be a melody, a turn of phrase, a smell, a taste, a view, an encounter, a new piece of knowledge. Those in-between vignettes that turn an every day into a different place. A different perspective that turns the familiar into the strange, or maybe turns grief into comfort. Maybe an enchantment takes you away from the life you lead to show you what it might mean. I don’t know: I’m just imagining. Anyway here are a few things I find enchanting.

Knowlton Church and Henge

This is Knowlton, on Cranborne Chase. It is a ruined Norman Church inside a Neolithic Henge with an ancient Yew grove. I go there twice a year and tie a ribbon to a Yew.

Aleister Crowley

I recently found out that Aleister Crowley gave Frieda Kahlo lessons in Tarot. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.

David Bowie is the best.

When David Bowie seriously needed to clean up his act in the 1970s he chose as his de-tox partners Iggy Pop and Lou Reed and they lived in West Berlin. Just think about that.


Twice a year the sunsets and sunrises align with the east west streets of Manhatten main street grid. Some folk call it Manhatten Solstice. How wonderful.

I’m looking forward to this event in a few weeks time. A secret location, storytelling and singing about the sea.

Vanessa at Atlantis

This is Vanessa: she will be telling a tale. She is magical.

George Hoyle

This is me. I’ll be singing, accompanied by Katherine. I’m magical too.

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