The Bermondsey Folk Club Singaround


Bermondsey Folk Club Singaround is on Sunday 27th October at Partizan Brewery, 34 Raymouth Rd, Bermondsey, London SE16 2DB, a venue a stone’s throw from Bermondsey Jubilee & Bermondsey South stations, making this a very easy reach for Londoners North & South of the river. Come from 6.30pm to put your name on the list. Singing & playing will start at 7pm all comers welcome. Any instrument just so long as it is not plugged in. It’s free!

What Is a Singaround?

A Singaround consists of people, or sometimes small groups of people, taking it in turns to sing a song. If you don’t want to sing if you don’t have to; you can just come & enjoy the night.

A Singaround is informal and participative – no mics, no lights, no audience, we sing for ourselves.

What Can I Sing?

You can sing whatever you like, but as this is a folk night many people do sing folk or folk-influenced songs. If your song has a chorus or people can join in with it, all the better!

How Do I Know When It’s My Turn To Sing?

You put your name on the list on the table when you arrive. We go through the list in order & if there is time we go through it again!

Can I Sing With Someone Else, or with a Group of People?

Yes, of course!

Can I use an Instrument?

Yes of course; unplugged naturally. Unaccompanied tunes very welcome.

Can I use Words (on a sheet or on a phone) to remind me?

Yes of course!

Any Other Questions?

Get in touch: follow this link