Folk Synthesis: A free event in April celebrating folk music & analogue synthesizers in a great independent record shop.


Cunning Folk are delighted to announce an afternoon of collaboration between folk & electronic musicians on Sunday April 17th at Rye Wax in Peckham.

Folk Synthesis is a simple concept, folk musicians, poets & storytellers perform alongside experimental electronic musicians.

This afternoon is free & boasts an excellent line-up.

Katy Carr is an award winning Anglo-Polish singer

Stick In The Wheel are an award winning folk band

Vanessa Woolf (A.K.A. London Dreamtime) is a highly successful storyteller

Mark Pilkington is a renowned electronic musician who will be performing as Teleplasmiste

Jack Ellister is an up & coming Psychedelic songwriter

Cage & Aviary are cosmic electronic musicians

GentleFolk are a progressive folk band

Sand Snowman combine synthesis & folk music so are obviously suited to this event

The Delta Ladies are renowned exponents of country blues

follow the link for more details…

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