How To Get To Play At Bermondsey Folk Festival 2018

Bermondsey Folk Festival 2018 will be on Saturday 8th September 2018 & is now into it’s 4th year. From small beginnings it is starting to flourish as a calendar event in the London Folk Scene. The headline acts for the day have been booked: Martin Carthy, Lisa Knapp, Circulus, Arfur Doo & The Toerags.

Now is the time to start programming acts who would like to have an opportunity to play on the day. This is why I am starting the Bermondsey Folk Club. Over the course of this year we will be having monthly singarounds at Shortwave Cafe, a lovely licensed venue in Bermondsey. The first singaround is on Sunday January 28th from 7-10pm & all comers will be welcome to play. The singarounds will be on the last Sunday of the month from then on & will be free, though I will pass a hat around with a suggested £3/1.50 concessions for organising & running the session. Regular attendees who want to perform in September will be scheduled a spot.

I will also be starting featured artist club nights from March with floor spots & support slots available. So even more opportunities to play.

I’m a folk musician myself & I get my gigs from people who have met me & I have a relationship with. In my opinion the best way to get booked is to get out & physically meet people & play in front of them. So if you want to come & play in Bermondsey you can: come down to the singaround & say hello!



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