1952 Vincent Black Lightning

Richard Thompson released this amazing tune in 1991, as an album track on “Rumor & Sigh”. It’s about Red Molly & a rake by the name of James who charms her with his fine motorbike.

I came to it after listening to this live version which I may prefer to the album version. There are loads of versions to listen to.

I love this Sean Rowe version. He looks like he might be James.

Bluegrass hero Del McCoury takes it to Knoxville. I like it but I would have loved to hear Del sing it on guitar without band. This song may come out better a little more exposed.

Dick Gauchan’s version really connects for me.

This is a bootleg of Bob Dylan & band covering it. You can hear the audience not knowing the song but getting into it. I would love to hear a studio recording of this.

This Robert Earl Keen version is also worth listening to. You can start to hear this song becoming a bluegrass standard.

In summary Richard Thompson is a genius

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