Bermondsey Folk Club Update


Bermondsey Folk Club Singaround found itself in the wrong pub on Sunday. We did not receive a warm welcome. Our singaround was basically shouted down. In fact I had to take swift action at one point to avoid one of the locals from volunteering a heated & somewhat incomprehensible political broadcast at us. To anyone who came on Sunday & felt uncomfortable I am very sorry.

Bearing in mind I had run successful folk events at the pub before, had a meeting with the pub beforehand to explain what a folk club singaround is, & we brought a nice community of folkie drinkers in who spent good money, I feel disappointed that the warmth of the welcome was from the flaming torches accompanying the pitchforks.

I don’t take a penny for running the Bermondsey Folk Club. I do it for love, to build kind communities of people who like to make an everyday culture of singing & playing folk music.

I am searching for a new home for the Bermondsey Folk Club Singaround & I have managed to get Shortwave Cafe, our previous home, for March & April & will be finalising a venue for the end of February in the next few days so watch this space…


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