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So today I am working through a variety of tasks. I am finishing off the preparations for a guided walk of Southwark Cathedral I am giving on Thursday. Missing Histories of Southwark Cathedral has proved to be a rather enlightening research project about what appears to be a living building. In it’s life as a Christian place of worship Southwark Cathedral has been a palimpsest, subtly changing function & name as the years have progressed.


I’m also rehearsing for a support slot on a Martin Carthy gig on Friday, also at Southwark Cathedral. I love Martin Carthy & it’s an honour to be on a bill with him. I will be mostly playing songs in slack open G tuning (down to an open F!) from the British tradition, but I will be sneaking a John Fahey tune in too. I take my guitar playing very seriously.

I’m also preparing storytelling sets for upcoming school visits & literary festivals & London Eye events. Oh… & finalising the running order for Bermondsey Folk Festival 2019 & finding a new home for the Bermondsey Folk Club Singaround.

I’m looking forward to my holiday in a few weeks time; walking on Cranborne Chase & in the New Forest will be a necessary break.

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