The True Enlightenment


This fine fellow is Doctor John Dee. Here is a song about him.

He was a scientific advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. At that time the difference between science & high magic was often arbitrary. He cast a horoscope to choose the ideal date for her coronation then disappeared for 4 years to learn the secrets of the Cabala & to track down the mythical code book, Steganographia. This book which appeared to be a method of summoning spirits to transmit messages across vast distances was, in fact, a sophisticated code book which was used by Elizabethan English intelligence network. Dee used to sign his name 007.

Dee believed that angels could be seen in optical lenses & he employed a cunning man by the name of Edward Kelly to communicate with them in lengthy scrying sessions which Dee transcribed. Through these ‘Actions’ Dee & Kelly discovered the language of Angels, the Enochian language.

I could go on & on & on about Dee, the man who pioneered the concepts of Natural Magic, the man who saw magic as technology. I think he was brilliant.

The song is from my current album, Constant Companion, which you can hear more of if you click on this link.

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