Willie O’ Winsbury


Over the past few months I have been putting up weekly blogs about songs from my most recent record ‘Constant Companion’. This is the last song on the album.

In 1969 the Irish folk band Sweeney’s Men recorded this song. Andy Irvine, who later went on to achieve great fame in Planxty, had found the words in the Child Ballad collection & had set it to music. He, very modestly, did not claim authorship of the melody but we all know he did it. What a genius.

The song & melody have migrated around the folk world ever since with countless great versions. I love that the tune is on the soundtrack of ‘The Wicker Man’ & turns up as a vocal melody on Fairport’s Liege & Lief.

It is a lovely song. I love that the heroine is called Janet. I also really like that the king is quite taken with handsome Willie!

If you like my music you can hear more here.

I am very excited about upcoming musical, magical & folkloric stuff which I will be letting you know about in future weekly blogs.

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