A Week In the same room

I know it looks messy, however this is tidy for me

Well it’s been another week confined to barracks. I’m finding the boredom is actually good for my creative process. I wrote a prog folk song about Banshees which I will be rehearsing for a month before recording it. It sounds like a cross between Gentle Giant, Martin Carthy era Steeleye & Radiohead. I’m sure it’s what the world is waiting for.

This is Maurice & Charles

I have been mixing tracks for an upcoming project I am doing in partnership with my friend Roy (AKA The Freelance Hellraiser). We released a few tracks about 6 years ago which the great Andy Weatherall played out at DJ sets. Imagine Joey Beltram meets Primal Scream in Kraftwerk’s house. More about that next week no doubt.

I have also been mixing tracks for upcoming Cage & Aviary releases & a collaboration with Gemma Khawaja. Keeping busy.

Cunning Folk albums. They are great. My cat loves them

On the album news front: the newest Cunning Folk album received a great review from Folk London this month. Thank you! You can listen to the album on streaming services or buy it here.

George Hoyle

On the event front I have a bunch of free & cheap events coming up including a free live show. Follow this link to the Eventbrite page with all the details.

Every Tuesday & Friday I am performing a song at 7pm on the Cunning Folk Facebook Page. Click here to see my page & if you like it, ‘like it’.

Anyway that’s it for today’s blog. I will let you know what’s cooking next Friday.

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