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Good Tides on Deptford Creek & More Folk in a Tudor House

Thomas McCarthySarah Lloyd & Ian Kennedy

Molly, Ian & Jess Molly & Elizabeth

Folk on the Water on the Minesweeper in Deptford Creek was pretty special. Fantastic singing from the floor & amazing feature spots from Ian Kennedy & Sarah Lloyd, & for Molly Carroll (joined by her friends Jess & Ed).

Here Jess is dancing while Ed plays gourd banjo & Molly plays ukulele.

Thomas was amazing: folk tales & folk singing of the highest order. He is worth seeing if you haven’t yet, do!

 Here is Thomas performing Johnny Barton.


Coming up on Friday is another Cunning Folk at Sutton House which promises to be an excellent affair. We have the wonderful Laura Smyth & Ted Kemp performing a set of traditional songs.

Here is a chat that Nigel from GentleFolk, the other musical cat on the bill, had with them earlier on this month.

& here is what they sound like.

GentleFolk will be playing a set too.

GentleFolk have been described by the comedian Stewart Lee as “Good” & by the folk band Stick In The Wheel as “a psychedelic folk Steely Dan”.

There will also be stories of food & cunning from the storyteller, Sarah Rundle.


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In Conversation With Thomas McCarthy


In advance of his performance in Deptford on the 14th March, Thomas McCarthy, the amazing Irish Traveller folksinger & tale-teller, popped over to Cunning Folk for a chat.

Over a nice lunch of bangers & mash we talked about Britain’s Celtic heritage, how he likes to record, changing London & Puck Fair

Here is Thomas talking about Puck Fair before the conversation meanders to New Years Day, the River Westborne, then Thomas tells a tale to finish.

After our chat we had a surf on YouTube & Thomas picked a few tracks.

Ralph Stanley

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Folk On The Water on the 14th promises to be a belter!

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 16.40.42

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Folk On The Water 2: Further Adventures On The Minesweeper

photo 3

Hardy folk ventured onto the Minesweeper in Deptford Creek on Saturday 17th for a truly excellent session. Here we see Garry “The Slide Man” Smith with Ian Kennedy on Bodrum.


Gemma Khawaja sang to us as the hulk gently rocked in the tidal creek.

photo 6

Robin Grey & friends were charming as always.

It may have been frosty outside, but the wood burner roaring in the cabin & the ales & ciders made for an extremely cosy night.

photo 4

Our evening concluded with Andy Hank-Dog coaxing some wonderful tunes from a weathered guitar.

We are so looking forward to our next event on the Minesweeper on March 14. Follow the link

for more details…


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Cunning Folk are up the creek again: Folk On The Water 2

After the wonderful event we had in November at the Minesweeper in Deptford Creek we thought we would have another! For your pleasure, on the evening of Saturday 17th January 2015 starting at 8pm, we have a lovely line up of talent.

To kick things off we have the wonderful Gemma Khawaja, Norfolk based singer of traditional folk songs.

We shall then proceed to Garry “The Slide Guy” Smith, one of the best slide guitarists you will ever hear. He is that good. We’re not laying it on too thick: he is amazing.

The 1st headline artist of the evening is Robin Grey.
Robin is a great folk singer who draws from traditional & contemporary influences to make genuinely likeable original pieces & reworkings of traditional favourites. We are delighted to have him and his band join us on the boat. He is a rising star so catch him now!

The 2nd headline artist of the evening is local hero Andy Hankdog. Andy has run nights in pubs in South London for many a moon: his Easycome is a staple of the Nunhead & Peckham scene. He is a great singer & performer in his own right & we would like for you to hear him.

This party will be held on the Minesweeper on Deptford Creek. There is a suggested donation of £5 to pay the artists & contribute to the upkeep of the boat. If you want to come but feel you can’t run to a fiver we don’t mind: just give what you feel like is a fair concessionary rate.

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