South East London Folklore Society


The South East London Folklore Society has met on the second Thursday of the month at 8pm for approaching 30 years. I have been running it for about 8 years & although we can’t meet in the upstairs room of the Old King’s Head for the moment, online events are scheduled.

May 13th:

The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns & Fairies


Robert Kirk was an Episcopalian minister in the Scottish Highlands in the 17th century. His essay ‘The Secret Commonwealth’ was a collection of stories from his parishioners of beings of a middle world between man & angel.

This online slideshow will examine the fairies, fauns, doppelgangers & wraiths found between the pages. Expect to be enchanted.

On the night you will have an introduction on Zoom followed by a pre-recorded exclusive YouTube Slideshow followed by Q&A

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to email

The event costs £5/3 & you can email me to book or follow this link