Shepton Beachamp Wassail


This is a lovely wassail from the West Country. There are two parts to the song & my performance above is the first. If you want to hear a great version from the British Library Sound Archive click on this link.  Wassailing is the ancient custom of singing and blessing the fruit trees to encourage a bountiful harvest. Sing to the apple trees, hit them with sticks, shoot at them even. I will be talking about wassailing at an event next Thursday called The Folklore Of Trees which you can find details about if you follow this link. Further ahead, on January 19th 2020 I will be leading a wassail in Gunnersbury Park. It’s a family event with stories, singing & a procession to wassail the apple trees. Follow this link for that event!

If you like my music you can hear more if you follow this link or check out my previous blogs which have lots of songs with the stories behind them.



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