Moon on the water


Busy busy busy. When intensively rehearsing songs, learning stories & researching for upcoming events & presentations it can be hard to find the quiet moments. I enjoy a night walk to clear the head. I leave the mobile phone at home but take a camera just in case I see something. This is a picture I took of a waxing gibbous moon reflected in the waters of Burgess Park Lake, in between the Walworth & Old Kent Roads.

It appears to be a drop of fire called down from the sky.

Some folk plant their crops according to the wax & wane of the moon. Root crop on the wane, cereal on the wax. Some folk do love divination on the new moon or full moon. I prefer to have my hair cut on the waxing.

We are presently on the waning crescent. Roll on Monday 9th of March when we have a Super Full Moon & a Worm Moon to boot.

The Full Moon in March is the Worm Moon, and it is usually considered the last Full Moon of winter. It is also called Lenten Moon, Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Chaste Moon, Sugar Moon, and Sap Moon.

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