Traveller Hide Your Soul

My new album “A Casual Invocation” is a magical working. It is a collection of spells, glamours & protective hexes set to music. It’s coming out in October & I am releasing tracks on streaming services in advance of this. This Friday just past I released Traveller Hide Your Soul.

‘Traveller Hide Your Soul’ is a musical protective spell to ward off predatory song collectors from traditional singers in the Irish Traveller community. Much in the same way as Lomax took from Leadbelly in the 20th century, song collectors still take from tradition keepers. I thought a protective hex was in order.

The image you see is of The Man. The Man comes in many forms & one needs to be wary. Often The Man is charming & charismatic, likeable, even. Be aware that The Man may be seeking to collect something from you. Some take songs, some take stories, some take mannerisms, techniques.

The Man collects for the service of self, for the service of ego. The Man wants to possess what should not belong to anyone.

If you want to hear the spell you can here. If you don’t that’s fine too. Just be aware that the spell is out there & it is doing it’s work.

Any tradition keepers who read this & feel that that they may need help with a witch bottle or a few wise words drop me a line. Cunning Folk is as Cunning Folk does.


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