Cunning Folk Practices: Treasure!


Treasure! Who doesn’t want a little bit of treasure? It’s an evergreen request of the Cunning Folk to find that elusive hidden trove. In the past folk believed that hidden treasures were widespread & guarded by spirits. Maybe that’s true.

Correct use of astrology & ritual will not only show you the location but also neutralize the protector of the prize. Some mozaical, divining, rods may come in handy.

Most folk tended to keep their treasure hunting secret as it was specifically mentioned as illegal in the Witchcraft acts & also any treasure found automatically belonged to the crown!

Anyway if you want to find a hoard you could use a metal detector but that is surely cheating unless you indulge in some technomagery & take the batteries out.

A forked hazel wand is the divining rod of choice. You can steep it in nightshade for extra efficacy but be very careful The clue is in the name:Deadly Nightshade. It’s poisonous.

You might consider calling on the aid of Barbatos, Curson, Valac or Gomory. These spirits are very helpful but naturally their assistance comes at a price.

A scryer can come in handy, just check that their ears haven’t been clipped. A scryer with clipped ears is not to be trusted.

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