Cunning Folk Practices: ‘Charmed I’m Sure’


Written charms were historically stock in trade for the Cunning Folk. You could get a written charm for the detection of thieves or for finding love, or for protection of the person or livestock from bewitchment.

While preferably written on unborn parchment, paper will suffice .

Interestingly most cunning charms contain snippets of Christian liturgy.  Latin & Greek  may be used.

If the charm is to protect, you must keep it in a little bag on your person & never let it touch the ground. Sewing the charm into your clothes is a good way to go. The charm only works if you believe it works.

You can hide a charm on your land or in your house, but keep it’s existence secret for it to work.

Here is a charm from a 19th century Nottinghamshire cunning man. It should keep you from being overlooked.

Omnes Spiritus laudent Dominum

Misericordiam habe Deus

Desinetur Inimicus D.V.

Write it in your best handwriting, stick it in your wallet or sew it into your coat & you are all set.

Just remember never to tell anyone you have done it.

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