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On Thursday 8th August I will be talking on the subject of, singing songs & telling tales on the Folklore Of Plants at the South East London Folklore Society. 8pm Old King’s Head SE1. Follow this link for more details.


On Sunday 11th August at 7.30pm, in a secret location near Honour Oak, I will be performing with London Dreamtime in a storytelling show called “The Hidden People” It costs £7. Look at the London Dreamtime Event Listing to get more details.


On Thursday 15th August I am giving a talk at Southwark Cathedral on The History Of Beer In Southwark This is a really fun talk on the story of brewing & hop trade in the area. Follow the link for details…


On Friday 13th September in a secret location near Peckham I will be performing with London Dreamtime in a scary storytelling show entitled “Unlucky”. If you are brave enough & have £7 get in touch with London Dreamtime


On Halloween myself & a live band will be accompanying the silent occult classic, HAXAN at The Wanstead Tap. Tickets are selling so get in there.


On Wednesday October 23rd I will be telling the Dickens classic ghost tale, “The Signalman.” In a signal box in South East London. More details soon. Prepare for fear.

Bowie's Thin White Duke persona, smoking a Gitanes cigarette, 1976.

On 11th January 2020 I will be giving a talk entitled “Is Bowie A God?” at The Wanstead Tap. If you want to know more about the magic behind the myth this talk is for you. This event sells out so contact The Wanstead Tap to book…