Here I am strolling on Martin Down, enjoying the song of the Yellowhammers. Martin Down is on Cranborne Chase & is one of my favourite places to go. It’s got Saxon boundary ditches, ancient tumuli & great wildlife.

Here I am on a heath on the Arne Peninsula near the Isle of Purbeck. It’s quiet here: not as quiet as Bodmin Moor when the air is still but quiet enough to spend a while in peace.

Here I am climbing Gold Hill in Shaftsbury. I love Wessex. I enjoy being outdoors in old places & drifting through histories.

I enjoy the indoors too.

Here I am with my friends Olly & Rocco performing an improvised soundtrack to the 1928 Swedish classic silent movie Haxan. That’s a typical Halloween evening for me. The picture was taken by Claire Donovan & captures the vibe perfectly. I read the Mackay translation of Malleus Maleficum several years back & this film is in keeping with the source persecution. I am currently arranging to perform more live soundtracks of silent films. Murnau, Lester & Bunuel are in the crosshairs with more pending.

I’m currently cooking up all manner of fun events, inside & outside & have made some new recordings which will be released in 2020. If you like Music Folklore & Magic I think you will enjoy…

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