Red Shift

I’m currently reading Red Shift by Alan Garner in advance of a free online reading group I will be leading on August 26th. I’m a big fan of Alan Garner & have enjoyed Weirdstone of Brisingamen, Moon Of Gomrath & Owl Service over the past few years. Garner is often classified as a children’s author & I am not sure that this is altogether accurate. I find the reading often challenging & rewarding & many adults enjoy Garner’s work.

I first encountered Red Shift through the recent BFI reissue of the 1978 BBC Play For Today adaptation which the trailer is of. Garner made the adaptation himself. The film is an unsettling piece with strong themes of mysticism, folklore & place. The book is also unsettling, some of the episodes in it are distressing to me, however the journey of the story is enthralling.

If you like Red Shift & fancy talking about your experience of reading it or watching the BBC Play For Today on a free Zoom meeting you are very welcome. You are also welcome to join the meeting & listen to the conversation. Shy folk are just as welcome.

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