Making Magical Things Happen In 2020

Album Cover

So; there is a new Cunning Folk album being mixed at the moment. It’s good.Flame

It’s called ‘Songs of Low & High Magic’. The process of making it has been much like this photo I took the other week; an attempt to catch the Moon in a lake. You are never going to get it but the attempt can bring some beauty into your life. Making music has been part of my life since I was 6 & I have been making albums all of my adult life. It’s got to a point where they feel like diaries. Snapshots of who I was at different times. When I listen back with distance to these records I can remember what my life was about, who I was trying to be, who I was trying to please. Some albums are better than others.

It’s very normal to think that your new collection of music is the best work you have done. I think my new album is the most magical work I have done. I got obsessed with something Robert Fripp said; ‘I’m not interested in music, I’m interested in the magical state music can create’. I’m all about that on this record.

You can’t hear it yet. But you will be able to soon. You can come to a gig too if you like.

Bermondsey Folk Festival 2020

I am organising a couple of folk festivals in 2020 which makes me happy. Traditional music helps us understand our shared stories & when done right it’s really good.IMG_0487

I’m also starting a film club. Film is magical when done right. I’ve got a killer season of films.



& I will be giving loads of folklore talks. They are interesting.

Music Folklore Magic. That’s what I’m all about.


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