Where You Belong

Where You Belong

I love foxes. Living in a city I see them every day. Several live in our back garden and we have watched them grow from cubs into fine renards. I love the way they move and their inquisitive nature. I grew up in the countryside and could never understand the fox hunt. I understand that foxes can attack and kill livestock, as an urban poultryman I understand that only too well, however in my opinion there are more effective and humane methods of population control than the hunt.

This song ‘Where you belong’ is a meditation on the adaptibility of the fox, how it is just as at home in the city as in the forest and field. It is about belonging wherever you end up, just like the fox. It also contains the concept of the dream foxes who hunt the fox hunters on their final nights…

Lyrics: George Hoyle 2022

I wrote, produced, recorded and mixed the song in my living room. The drums were from a project I worked on about 20 years ago, repurposed like some sonic palimpsest.

If you like you can listen to the song on the Spotify link above and follow me, or click on my bandcamp link and listen or perhaps buy.

My folklore podcast.

If you are interested in the folklore of foxes I made this podcast about it too.

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